The Dynamic Work Order System (DWOS), pronounced [dee-woss], provides a complete suite of tools to get the job done, each with a specialized purpose. Create, manage, and track work orders with the DWOS Desktop Client, Check In, Mobile, Server, and Customer Portal. The ultimate set of tools for the complete management of your job shop.

DWOS Desktop

The DWOS Desktop client is a modern Windows desktop application that provides the majority of functionality required for users. Whether you need to create, process, ship or invoice work orders, we have you covered.

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DWOS Check In

The DWOS Check In tool allows users to easily scan in orders or batches to check them in. This tool can be installed on any machine and does not require a license!

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DWOS Mobile

DWOS Mobile is for the operator on the go. This is an Android application that will work on your phone or tablet. Allowing you to quickly scan, check in, process, and inspect orders and batches on any Android mobile device.

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DWOS Customer Portal

Tired of being asked by your customers where their orders are? No problem, they can log on to the customer portal to check the status, run reports, or reprint COC's.

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DWOS Server

Where is all your data? DWOS Server is a first-class solution built on top of Microsoft's enterprise database and all managed through the DWOS Server Administration Utility.

In addition, our Data Migration Tool will allow you to easily import or export data from the DWOS database.

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