The DWOS Mobile application allows you to use DWOS on mobile Android tablets and phones. The mobile application is designed to provide users the ability to perform common floor operations, including check in, processing, and inspections. You can run the application on any form factor mobile device running Android 4.2 or greater. The application can be downloaded from this site or the Google Play store for free. This application is great for those users who need to be mobile or shops who do not have enough desktop PC's to run the DWOS Desktop Client.

WIP Screen

Display the details of all orders and batches open on the floor.

Check In

Check in orders and batches using your device's camera or the easy-to-use interface.


Process orders and batches while you are actually working on them.


Un-tether your quality inspectors and let them quickly inspect orders when they come off the line.


Ensure secure access to system data with advanced security and access control.

Cost Effective

Provide mobile access to users with cost effective Android tablets.