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Using Smart Cards with DWOS

Answers for Integrated Smart Card Security

DWOS can use smart cards to log in to the system. The use of smart cards is simple and more secure than using pin numbers. In order to use smart cards you must have the following hardware:

  • Smart Card for each user
  • Smart Card reader for each computer
  • (Optional) Smart Card Printer

Once you have the hardware you will need to configure DWOS to accept smart cards and program the smart card for the user.

Smart Card Hardware

Smart Card

DWOS uses a flexible and inexpensive type of programmable smart card called a BasicCard by Zeit Control Systems. DWOS can easily read and write these cards for you, but you must have the correct version of the card. These cards cost around $2- $3 per card. The versions that currently work with DWOS are listed below:

  • ZC3.14


Below is a list of locations that you can purchase these cards at:

Almex Limited
Smartcard Focus

Smart Card Reader
The smart card reader will read the your smart card and verify who you are. Most any smart card reader will work with these cards. We use the SCM SCR3310 or similar USB Smart Card Reader.

Smart Card Printer

Optionally, if you want to print your logo and user names on your smart card you will need to buy a card printer. We use the Evolis Pebble 4 Card printer, though almost any card printer will work. Ensure you get a monochrome or color printer based on your needs.

Configuring Smart Cards in DWOS

To configure smart cards in DWOS you need to do two things: enable smart card login and encode your smart cards.

Enable Smart Card Usage

To enable smarts cards, you have to change the authentication type on the server settings to either 'PinOrSmartcard' or 'Smartcard'.
1 - Open the DWOS Server Administration Utility

2 - Click Tools > Settings
Change the Authentication Type to an option that uses smart card. You may need to set this to 'PinOrSmartcard' to allow you to log back into the client with your pin to encode the smart cards.


Program Smart Cards

The last step is to set the users smart card id and then program the smart card with that id in the DWOS Client.

1 - Open the User Manager and set the Smart card Id for the user

2 - Program the smart card
The last step is to write the user's smart card id on the smart card. Open the 'Smart Cards' manager in DWOS under the Administration tab. Type the user's smart card id in the box, then insert the smart card into the smart card reader and click write. This will write the users id into the smart card.

Now the user is ready to log in with a smart card!

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Updated on Mon, 06 Apr 2020